The Purple Mansfield

The Purple Mansfield

The Purple Mansfield is the newest of the awards, and is the most sentimental. Its existence aims to shed light on individuals working in the insurance industry who have gone above and beyond to help others, sacrificing their own time and other tasks to help those in need.

This year’s winner of the Purple Mansfield is Nick Albrecht of Allianz Australia Insurance Limited. Nick handled a situation with incredible heart and patience, sitting on the phone for an extended period to a client who was in difficult circumstances. The phone call ended with the client admitting that they were in a place of hardship, and are now getting the assistance they need.

“Winning the Purple Mansfield is going down as one of the prouder moments of my life,” Nick said. “The rest of my team and myself don’t go into this line of work for any rewards, but to be recognised for our hard work is very humbling. This public recognition just shows the fantastic work we are able to do and the significant impact that we can have on our customers’ lives.”

Nick also said that his love for social work goes back to the beginning of his career.

“I have always wanted to be a social worker since I left school, but felt like I wasn’t ready yet,” Nick explained. “Falling into this line of work through an insurance company really has been a dream come true for me, and this award shows that this is the right path. Having the award on my desk at home whenever I work is terrific motivation to help me continue this line of work, and a great reminder of how important [this work] is.”

The heartfelt manner that Nick showcased reflects the whole purpose of the Purple Mansfield, and the true underlying meaning of insurance itself – to help people get through some of their toughest times.

“A lot of people in the insurance industry do so much amazing work for our customers that go undetected by a larger audience,” Nick said when asked about The Mansfield Awards. “By having this award shared publicly, we are able to show just a tiny fraction of the work that people put into making our customers’ lives better, which I think is fantastic. I think insurance companies often get a bad rap for the work that we are in; this award proves that there is a lot of good we can actually do.”

At The Mansfield Awards, Nick claimed that anyone in his position would have done the same, and although that might be true, he absolutely deserves this years’ Purple Mansfield.

Congratulations to Nick Albrecht!

You can read more about 2023’s Mansfield Awards and see photos from the event here.

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