The Gold Mansfield

The Gold Mansfield

The most prestigious award of the event, the Gold Mansfield is awarded to the best insurer overall, across all categories, as determined by a long process.

“The judging of these awards takes a massive effort with 755 ratings for 242 insurer brands,” Prof. Allan Manning, founder of The Mansfield Awards, said on his blog (available here).

Staff at LMI Group work very hard to maintain accurate representation of the rated companies. You can look at the full list of star ratings for yourself on LMI’s ClaimsComparison here.

This year’s winner was Vero, and it is the company’s fourth year in a row winning this award – very impressive!

“It was an absolute honour to receive the Gold Mansfield Award for Claims Excellence this year, and comes as a result of the combined efforts of our claims team and consistent investment in our Best-in-Class Claims service,” said Michael Miller, who was recently announced as CEO Commercial & Personal Injury with Suncorp Group. “The foundation of the Mansfields is built on the experience and expertise of some of Australia’s finest brokers and insurance industry practitioners, making our continued success in this category all the more valuable.”

During the awards, Allan applauded Vero for their consistent, incredible work in the industry.

He also provided more good news on his blog the day after the event, saying, “It was pleasing to see that more of the [insurance company] claims ratings went up [rather than down] during the past 12 months, a reversal of what occurred last year.

“In fact, 114 ratings increased while only 73 went down. The maximum increase was 1.5 stars, and the biggest drop was 1 full star.”

Well done to Vero for snagging a fourth Gold Mansfield, and we look forward to seeing who will win next year!

Keep a look out for future articles on the other Mansfield awards, coming soon!

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